Team Mission

Our Mission

To provide trusted, independent and high quality risk, rating and Islamic finance advisory services to Banks, Asset Managers, Corporates, Public Sector entities, Regulators and Institutional Investors.

Dear Client,

In this challenging and dynamic credit environment, the management of banks, asset managers, corporates and public sector entities can apply our unique knowledge and unmatched credit experience to maintain or improve their credit risk profile with the markets, credit rating agencies, institutional investors, national regulators and shareholders.

These same skills can support asset managers, central banks and regulatory bodies to better evaluate and potentially supervise the risks associated with such entities and markets, as well as in the formulation of new policies and regulation.

For the stakeholders in the new and fast-growing Islamic finance markets, Acreditus can apply its global expertise to help support their strategic aspirations by highlighting potential challenges and opportunities in this immature and developing sector. Regulatory advisory is available to help policymakers promote the sector’s growth and penetration while still ensuring that the particular risks of the sector are captured appropriately to ensure investor confidence and financial system stability.

We are sincerely excited and look forward to supporting you in your credit, rating and Islamic finance related endeavours.

Khalid Ferdous Howladar

Managing Director & Founder