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Our Advisers offer a rare and highly specialised confluence of skills & practioner experience spanning finance, innovation, strategy and new technologies.

Our ventures give clients direct access to cutting edge talent and tech.

We offer a mentorship approach for the development of your human capital. 

Credit Ratings

bespoke credit & ratings advisory for broader investor access

Supporting investor outreach and capital markets development in Emerging Markets


Angel Investing into Future Technologies & the Halal Economy

Supporting Founders with institutional quality strategy, governance and risk advisory


Empowering the Future of Finance with support on funding, strategy, risk, governance and institutional relationships

Sukuk Markets
Supporting Issuers, Investors, Startups and Regulators with their initiatives in the islamic finance capital markets




Acreditus advisors are globally recognised thought leaders in their fields of expertise.

They have provided 100's direct briefings to investors, central bankers, shareholders, bankers and regulators in Middle East, African and Islamic Markets.

They also frequently lecture at many business schools and universities from New York to Abu Dhabi.

Topics can range from credit markets to cryptoassets, debt  to DeFi as well as Islamic finance and sukuk markets.

Our founder - Khalid Howladar - is an engaging and passionate speaker renowned for his clear, insightful and sometimes controversial opinions across a wide variety of topics.



Our Partners have engaged stakeholders
at public and private forums hosted by
the many esteemed organizations...



Khalid Howladar
Partner & Founder -
Ratings & DeFi
Mufid Shawwa
Partner & Founder -
Cally Sideras
Senior Advisor -
ESG & Sovereign
Jehad El-Nakla
Senior Advisor -
GCC Banks
Dr Moritz Kraemer
Senior Advisor -
Sovereign & Supra
Vijay Srivastava
Senior Advisor -
Risk & Regulatory
Rachel Ziemba
Advisor -
Emerging Markets Macro
Jeff Christiansen
Advisor -
Strategy & Sovereign