Risk, Ratings,  Sukuk & Strategy Advisory

Acreditus offers boutique advisory services specific to institutions & startups in the GCC, Emerging & Islamic markets worldwide 


Strengthening Your Internal Capabilities

“Working to strengthen your strategic capacity in challenging and volatile times”


Serving Emerging Credit Markets

“Supporting our clients in dynamic economic environments”


Thought Leadership

“Over a 100 years of collective, industry-leading experience available for our clients”

Core Advisory services

These are the core offerings for our clients who are looking at the GCC and Islamic markets from the issuing, investment or regulatory perspective. Given our desire to address clients’ specific needs, any combination of the below may be considered as specific project or as an annual, ongoing and flexible advisory relationship.

Strengthening the risk profile of borrowers, improving risk governance to reduce credit risk premiums and funding costs.

Supporting asset managers, investors and regulators on their regional and specific risk assessments and investments.

Securing the best rating outcomes for both rated and unrated institutions and providing high value debt/sukuk advisory for potential market issuances.

Supporting rating agency development, licensing and supervision efforts by regulators.

Exploring the scope for successful sukuk issuance as well as ensuring the best business strategies for participating in the dynamic, high growth but immature Islamic capital market.

Supporting regulatory efforts to both develop, promote and supervise the sector.            


Globally Recognised Thought Leadership

Acreditus advisors are recognised leaders in their fields of expertise. They have provided over 100 direct briefings to international Emerging Market investors, risk officers, shareholders, underwriters, correspondent bankers and regulators in GCC, Emerging and Islamic Markets. They also frequently lecture at many business schools and universities in the region.

Topics can range from oil-price trends to brexit, bank liquidity pressures to sukuk credit analysis and is often on behalf of banks and Supranationals to provide an objective, regional and expert opinion and training to their stakeholders.

Our founders have engaged audiences at public and private forums hosted by the following esteemed organizations amongst many others…

Additional Advisory Services

Acreditus also has expertise in the following key areas.
  Securitisation / Sukuk Financing

Rating, modelling, structuring, legal and communication support for both unsecured and secured financings. Extensive experience with conventional and Islamic securitisations across a wide range of asset classes including development land, residential and commercial real estate.

  Banking and CRA Regulation

Supporting central banks and in the application of international Basel regulations with consideration for regional and national trends and system features to ensure appropriate supervision. Also supporting credit rating agency licensing and supervision efforts by market regulators.

  Market Briefings & Public Speaking

Can provide private risk, rating or Islamic finance briefings for market stakeholders (shareholders, members, executive managers, investors, etc.) to support regulation, investment and corporate strategy.  Also available to provide speakers and content for events and media.

  IFRS9 & Valuation

In conjunction with their Accounting partners Acreditus can support banks with all aspects of credit policy, classification, modelling provisioning as well as coordination with internal technology and operational teams to ensure regulatory readiness.